Intra and interrater agreement between different measurement methods of thigh circumference

Rui Cadilha, Hugo Amorim, José Santoalha, Afonso Rocha, Fernando Parada


OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the intra- and interrater reliability in the thigh circumference measurement using different anatomical references.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Twenty five volunteers without history of pathology or surgery in the dominant leg entered in the study. The measurements were performed by two independent evaluators, on two occasions with an interval of one week. The  measurements and participants order were randomized. The results of the interim measures were concealed, being analyzed by a third investigator. The assessment protocol was previously defined. The intra- and inter-rater correlation was measured through the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). The limits of agreement were established in accordance with the method of Bland and Altman.

RESULTS: The intraclass agreement in intrarater reproducibility was high (SPPICC 0,96, KJLICC 0,95, ASISICC 0,96). In the interrater results the limits of agreement were: SPPICC 0,91 (IC 95%: 0,79–0,96), KJLICC 0,94 (IC 95%: 0,86–0,97), ASISICC 0,90  (IC 95%: 0,77–0,95).

CONCLUSIONS: All methods presented high intra- and interrater reliability, which by the simplicity of the measurement method may favor the choice for SPP in the absence of pathology in anatomical segment evaluated.



thigh; anthropometry;reproducibility of results



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